Tanis is a singer, songwriter and producer originally from Paris, France. As a young girl, music was her only way to find clarity through difficult times. It was self-expression when no words were enough. Sound was, and is, her absolute guide when nothing else seemed to resonate. Starting her journey with piano, Tanis eventually taught herself to play two more instruments before earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition, with a concentration in film scoring, at New York University’s Steinhardt College.

Tanis’ songwriting style combines classically beautiful melodies with hybrid acoustic and electronic arrangements. She incorporates subtle touches of her eclectic  background and multicultural upbringing in her music, a sound from the questions and hopes of her journey in life. She will stop at nothing to share her guiding expression wherever there may be someone without. Her work ethic is unparalleled and her drive is absolute. She records, composes, and produces every aspect of her sound herself, pouring her deepest feelings into this art each and every day.

Look out for Tanis and her upcoming Album, “Love Stories” in 2018.